Anne Richey


Recommended Reading

​Biographies of John Burroughs

           Edward Kanze:  The World of John Burroughs, 1998  
           Edward J. Renehan, Jr.:  John Burroughs: An American Naturalist, 1992                           

Burroughs Works Relevant to his “Natural Religion”

           The Light of Day, 1900
             The Gospel of Nature, 1912
             Accepting the Universe, 1920

Religious Roots of the American Environmental Movement

            Evan Berry:  Devoted to Nature:  The Religious Roots of American  Environmentalism,                                           2015             
              Daniel G. Payne:  “As Angels Have Departed:  John Burroughs and the Religion of 
                                                             Nature" inVoices in the Wilderness:  American Nature Writing and                                                         Environmental Politics, 1996
            Mark Stoll:   Inherit the Holy Mountain:  Religion and the Rise of American  Environ-                                               mentalism, 2015